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Textmedia has developed Short Code & SMS Marketing solutions to help business to communicate with their clients in a more direct & extremely cost effective way. The flow of 2-way  Short – Codes chanelled via our back end system  has been structured to deliver some crucial business marketing solutions all managed on auto-pilot.

Digital Marketing & communication technology can give your business the competitive edge in the marketplace. Bigger companies have bigger advertising budgets, more skilled people and more resources, but that doesn’t mean that smaller, independent business’ can’t get a larger piece of the cake. Large companies have specialised personell, just to manage their digital presence. As far as Mobile Marketing goes, we have practical and innovative solutions to retain & increase your customer base.

Our Mobile Marketing Products assist businesses to use this highly effective digital channel to market their products and services in a strategic way. New Messaging options have made it easier and inexpensive to attract & retain customers.

On Average a person spends more than 2 hours a day on their smartphone, and are choosing to receive information in digital format rather than hard copies. Herein lies the marketing opportunity.

The protection of personal information is a growing concern, hence we only require cellphone numbers – not even Names or addresses – and all our systems have the Opt Out functionality to comply with the regulators Code of Conduct.

We have developed a few Text Customisations  that have not yet gone live –  but if there is a specific text solution you need, please contact us.

Some Important Benefits of Text Marketing:

  • High Open Rates  : 98% of SMS’s are opened & 90% are read within 3 minutes.
  • Operates across all networks.
  • Works on all Devices – Smart phones & older phones. SMS is a basic standard feature of every cellphone.
  • No special Apps are required to get your message across.

Our interface system can  effectively channel incoming & outgoing SMS’s:

  • Be automatically rerouted to another Cell Phone number(s) and/or emails.
  • Auto Reply with a pre-set response with link to a website.
  • Auto sends information like Leads via email as a back up option.
  • Register the senders number in database for future communication
  • Re-forward to multiple cellphone numbers instantly ( see the divert to many product )

Some Benefits of Our SMS Products:

This is Vital to any business – Customer interactions have become essential in building closer relationships with your customers. It is many times more difficult to get a new customer than it is to retain a current customer. Our system can handle two-way communications with customers on autopilot enabling you to respond to complaints and compliments much quicker. This service both saves significant costs and improves the customer experience
A marketer’s dream, for every campaign, the system indicates the status of each SMS – whether it was delivered to the network only or to the phone or not delivered at all.
Option to attach a unique reference number to each SMS – especially important for voucher redemption and verification purposes.
With an SMS, you can choose when to send a text edvert etc. When is the most opportune time to market a Pizza?

* Subject to regulators guideline*

Whether it’s driving sales during the quiet winter months or over Christmas, or boost a relatively quiet time in your business – use a specific season or reason to engage with customers via SMS

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