The use of short messages in the cell phone (SMS or Short Message Service) as a tool of relationship with customers has grown significantly in the last year due to the discovery of benefits and differentials of this new service by marketers. According to data from the European Federation of Direct Marketing, half of the European Direct Marketing agencies The use of SMS Marketing already works as a tool for planning CRM strategies.

In many countries, some professionals in the area see SMS only as a means of advertising on the cell phone, generating a great concern in the market with the SPAM issue. The truth is that SMS is a direct, personalized, instant, interactive, and usually connected to customers 24 hours a day. These characteristics accredit its use as an important tool of Relationship Marketing, absolutely “1 to 1”.

How to make the most out of your Bulk SMS campaign

SMS Marketing through campaigns is used by companies that want to carry out marketing actions with low investment costs, expanding their range of advertising tools and increasing their clientele. Soon I will be selling packages for clients and resellers and I will post some plans here. Today, in the national market we border the band of almost 190 million cell phones, the proportion is almost 1 cell phone for each inhabitant. In addition, more than forty million (42.1%) of these users use SMS on a regular basis and growth rates in the industry are increasing day by day.

SMS technologies have become the main source of communication with consumers. Through SMS Marketing, campaigns have become increasingly effective, efficient and strategic for companies, regardless of the sector or niche market, which means Business SMS is indeed a perfect option.

How Business SMS helps companies make the best out of their marketing campaigns

SMS Marketing enables companies to diversify their communications portfolio to reach their target audience. A successful SMS Marketing campaign is usually one that converges and integrates traditional vehicles with SMS, MT-SMS and SMS-MO campaigns.

The capillarity of SMS Marketing is unbeatable because its reading rate is very high and low cost.