Bulk Response Handling

Suitable for large advertising or information gathering campaigns that is expected to initiate high volumes of responses. These responses may need to be followed up on later or needs to be further analysed before responding.

The incoming responses can be set up to be automatically forwarded to multiple email addresses and cellphones.

The data is populated into a neat excel database that allows for keeping notes etc.

The Shortcode can be set to automatically acknowledge each respondent by return sms, which details can easily be updated with a link to your website.

This requires the renting of a dedicated shortcode through Textmedia. This is also subject to full upfront disclosure of the nature of the campaign.


Rental of Dedicated Shortcode                                                R 199 pm inclusive of hosting the Profile web page.

Create the web advert template                                              R 100 Once Off

Update the Template                                                                 R 75 to update template & R 40 for every 4 images & text update thereafter. 

SMS Bundles of 500’s                                                                 R 185 A Low-Credit notification is sent when the bundle reaches 20.

No Contracts, but minimum subscription period is 6 months:

Payment Options : Debit Order – For the monthly Subscription and SMS bundle Top Up.

Up Front payment Discounts:      

6 Month       Less 10% Discount  on entire package.

12 Month     Less 20% Discount  on entire package.

SMS sending costs

The Short Code is on the R 1.50 Band.

The other SMS’s that are triggered cost R0.37c each. Emails are Free.