Dedicated Shortcode

Clients remember a company’s shortcode easier than their telephone number. We have structured a 2 way communication system, so both parties receive each others’ details without any human intervention.

Displaying and using the Short Code is crucial to ensure its effectiveness.  So choose a short-code that resembles your company name and create a decal sign for your company vehicles etc.  When a potential client responds to the Short Code, their cell number is sent to the business via SMS & Email – thus creating a lead.

And instantly – the Sender automatically receives, a text message about your company, together with a web-link to your business profile.

Test it : SMS  Benson to 33092 .

View the example below : In the initial text sent to the customer, is a link, that opens up your company profile with images of products etc.

<iframe src="" height="400" width="320"></iframe>


Rental of Dedicated Shortcode                                                R 199 pm inclusive of hosting the Profile web page.

Create the web advert template                                              R 100 Once Off

Update the Template                                                                 R 75 to update template & R 40 for every 4 images & text update thereafter. 

SMS Bundles of 500’s                                                                 R 185 A Low-Credit notification is sent when the bundle reaches 20.

No Contracts, but minimum subscription period is 6 months:

Payment Options : Debit Order – For the monthly Subscription and SMS bundle Top Up.

Up Front payment Discounts:      

6 Month       Less 10% Discount  on entire package.

12 Month     Less 20% Discount  on entire package.

SMS sending costs

The Short Code is on the R 1.50 Band.

The other SMS’s that are triggered cost R0.37c each. Emails are Free.