Divert SMS to Many

 Examples of “divert to many” scenarios.

This customization allows for a single incoming SMS to be sent to many cellphones instantly.

Possible scenarios can be a security alert – where a person can report a problem to a single number and the message will be related to up to 10 cellphones instantly.  Shortcodes are easier to remember – and the senders number is included in the relay.

One of the most effective ways of combating crime in our suburbs is to involve the community. To provide an easy to use system that will allow them to immediately raise the alarm. Textmedia has developed a Tip-off system that works of an easy to remember short-code.

Another scenario can be to develop an effective customer relations strategy. Offering the customer an easy to use facility to make known their dissatisfaction, makes all the difference between losing a sale or not. It offers a faster reaction time compared to email. ..a stitch in time saves nine…It is 100 times harder to get a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. Timely intervention is vital.  In most cases the client can even still be in the store …..the system logs the cellphone number of the sender to salvage the situation.

A system that allows citizens to report  suspicious and potentially criminal; incidents to up to 10 cellphones instantly by sending a single sms.

 Examples of “divert to many” scenarios.

  • Townhouse Complex
  • Block of Flats
  • Shopping Malls
  • Suburban Security
  • Community Policing Forums
  • Schools & Universities
  • Places of Entertainment
  • Restaurants
  • Places of Entertainment

Almost Anywhere really….


Rental of Dedicated Shortcode             R 279 per month inclusive of administration Fee.

Set up costs of Shortcode                       R 150 Once Off

SMS Bundles of 500’s                               R 225

No Contracts, but minimum subscription period is 6 months:

Payment Options : Debit Order – For monthly Subscription and SMS bundle Top Up.

Up Front payment Discounts:      

6 Month       Less 10% Discount            R 1506.60

12 Month     Less 20% Discount            R2678.40

SMS sending costs

Sending price is based on Standard Tarriffs per the cellular Networks. Premium rated  & Free sms’s do not apply.

Every incoming SMS gets sent to subscribers email and can be used for future reference purposes.