Lead Generator

Designed for the pro-active sales agent. This SMS product works as an information exchange. When a prospective clients, responds to an SMS in a sales advert, they would instantly get back an SMS with further details and an embedded web-link with a whole lot more information with images and the agents contact details.

Can auto attach a property page  from the Estate Agents Website or We can create a separate file with the images & Details

But the most strategic benefit with the lead generator is  that the senders Cell Phone number is immediately forwarded to the allocated sales agent’s Cell Phone with details of the product enquired about – for following up.

For example : 

A property for sale, with a For-Sale Sign outside – will have a unique SMS Code.  Once an interested person responds to the code, they would immediately get a text message with full description of the property with up to 20 pictures. But that number that the text was sent from – will be forwarded to the respective Estate Agent. Already a genuine LEAD has been created.

Test it here :  SMS  PROP1 to 33092

or we can set up a no-obligation demo for you

As an example, lets look at the the property board outside this property for sale.This is most likely the first point of contact with a potential client.  By using a shortcode on the property board the system can provide instant information with images about the property to a potential client, while simultaneously sending an SMS & email to the agent, informing them of the cell number the inquiry came from…all just in a few seconds. 

Scroll down in the image on the right to see the full effects                         >>>>>

In the flowchart above, the sender of the sms, may even still be outside that very property, and the rapid response by the agent, can create a successful sale or genuine LEAD.

Manage up to 20 properties under a single subscription of just R279 pm including a monthly message bundle of 100 SMS’s. There is a charge applicable for loading the property description with pictures and descriptions.

<iframe src="http://smartdir.co.za/prop1/" height="400" width="320"></iframe>


Rental of Dedicated Shortcodes            R 1000 per month inclusive of administration Fee for 12 Codes – one for each Property with a link to the company’s Property Pages. R 1500 is we need to create the links.

Set up costs of Shortcode                       R 200 Once Off for all 20 codes

Updating of Template                              R75   per 8 pictures per property

SMS Bundles of 500’s                               R 225

No Contracts, but minimum subscription period is 6 months:

Payment Options : Debit Order – For monthly Subscription and SMS bundle Top Up.

Up Front payment Discounts:      

6 Month       Less  15% Discount            R 1422.90

12 Month     Less  30% Discount            R2343.60

SMS sending costs

The Short-Code is on the R1.50 Band. The sending of the resultant SMS’s are on the Standard rate of R0.45c and emails are free.