FinditFast Shopping & Services Guide

***  Finditfast Shopping & Services Guide  is being  Launched in second half of 2018 covering the entire Durban North/Umhlanga/Phoenix/Verulam/Tongaat. *** 

Specifically designed for Smartphones – which is fast becoming a powerful marketing channel.

The Original Smart Directory has been upgraded to be a full Retail Spping Guide & Service Directory…All in one place. 

Where applicable, the system can be used in conjunction with Print Advertising by inserting our ICON in the advert, prompting consumers to opt in via WhatsApp or SMS, to see more products – up to 100. An entire virtual showroom in their hands.

Get the Directory on your Smartphone : SMS Directory to 33092* or send a WhatsApp “Hello”  to 079 059 6255 – you will automatically receive the Directory. Click Through the desired services, to see the supplier details.

Giving Business a Big Reach. One Subscription, multiple marketing channels, Massive market area. 

1. The Web Based Directory on with you latest product list or compay profile linked. Suitable for service type businesses.

2.  The Mobile version – a complete Shopping Guide –  Designed for SmartPhones. simply sms   DIRECTORY to 33092* to receive the link or get it on auto response by whatsapp to  079 059 6255. Everything except the news & Editorials that appear on community newspapers, can be accomodated on this system at 70% cheaper & capable of carrying over 100 products.

3.  In addition to all these, you will also have your own URL link E-Flyer, to use in your own customer engagements using SMS or                     WhatsApp orSocial Media.

4. Optional Dedicated Short code to suit your business. 

5. As 98% of SMS’s are opened, the good old SMS still offers huge marketing potential.  Sending SMSs normally costs around 35 cents, but we send bulk sms campaigns for as little  as 2 cents each on a shared platform at strategic times – when consumers are most likely to plan shopping trips or any high impact potential time.

All this for less than the cost of a monthly Cell-Phone Contract.

The SMS Lead Geneator ( see option 4 above ) works as follows:

We arrange a Cellular Short-Code to suit your business name. To be used on vehicles, adverts, flyers, menus etc. When a customer responds the system will:

1. Automatically send your latest pricelist, e-flyer to the customer.

2. Instantly inform business via sms & email – about the lead, including the senders’ number & date & time. 

A genuine Lead has been created. Customer & Suppliers have each others’ numbers.

There is also an option of the Shared Platform. The client will get an SMS with a link that displays all subscribing suppliers of that paticular product or service.

When any of these companies are selected it opens a detailed profile of that caterer as a web-link. This link can be a business profile, product list, expansion of your offering and it really looks classy.

You will be given this web-link to use in your customer engagements outside of the  directory. it will be valid as long as your business is listed in Finditfast Smart Directory.

A genuine lead has been created instantly – without human intervention or  pen ‘n paper. The need to sift through bulky telephone directories and old newspapers is a thing of the past.

There are many services an average home or business may look for – this simple yet effective system, prompts the subscriber/business to respond urgently.

For further explanation of this system, contact us on 082 923 7050 or email    We will gladly arrange a demo for you.

The first scrollable image on the left is the Landing Page on the cellphone, The second on is the more detailed profile or product list.

*sms cost R1.50


Subscription                                    R 299 per month                                                                                                              special is Minimum of 3 months payable in advance. 

Once Off Set up costs                    R100


No Contracts, but minimum subscription period is 3 months:

Payment Options : Debit Order – For monthly Subscription and SMS bundle Top Up.

Up Front payment Discounts:      

6 Month       Less 10% Discount            R 2154.60              Works out to R 359.10 pm Subject to Upfront Payments.

12 Month     Less 15% Discount            R 4069.80              Works out to R 339.15 pm- Subject to upfront payment.

SMS sending costs  Sending price is based on Premium rate of R1.50 Tarriffs per the cellular Networks. Free sms’s do not apply. 

  The full product is obtainable via WhatsApp    079 059 6255