FinditFast Shopping & Services Guide



The Mobile Device – The untapped marketing channel

The mobile phone is rapidly becoming a vital marketing tool. Every day more & more adults search for Products & Services – and many even transact using their smartphones. This is an ever-growing base of consumers. Using a digital channel enable you to include over 50 product image.

FinditFast is a Multi-Channel Shopping & Service Guide – for Retailers & Service providers. The multiple marketing channels work simultaneously and are all included in the Monthly Subscription:

  1.  The Mobile Shopping & Service Guide – Available to everyone who has a Phone that has WhatsApp or SMS Capabilities. That’s over 90% of the consumers. Obtainable by simply sending any message to 079 059 6255 by WhatsApp or SMS SHOP to 33092 . Display over 50 images with  MP4 video capability

2. Web Directory – –  Every Subscriber – a service provider or retailer will be included on this internet directory which will have a full product list or e-flyer attached.  Offering a National Reach or access to multiple branches.

  1. Individual digital product list. An e-flyer – a stand-alone URL link that can be used by the business owner themselves, with their existing client base via WhatsApp or SMS. Can also be set up to be a link in any other advertising done with other media – even a QR code.   Each e-flyer has a One-tap WhatsApp feature for a prospective client to instantly contact the business via WhatsApp and a Built in Enquiry or Contact Form. Both features encouraging customer engagement.
  1. Dedicated Cellular Shortcode: Get a custom built ShortCode Lead Generator to suit your business name. Every response will automatically inform you of the enquirers number and will automatically send  Product List or Company Profile to the sender. the ultimate Lead Generator

5. Subsidised Strategic Bulk SMS Campaigns – While send sms’s can be costly, Textmedia has a system of reducing that cost by as much as 90%. Proven Statistics say that 98% of SMS’s are opened with 90% being read within 3 minutes.



Giving Business a Big Reach. One Subscription, multiple marketing channels, Massive market area. 

How does the Public Obtain the Shopping Guide

1.  SMS   SHOP to  33092  –  it will be automatically sent.

2.                   WhatsApp message to   079 059 6255 – the auto-responder will automatically forward the latest Shopping Guide 

Contact us:

For more information or a no-obligation demo, contact us on 082 923 7050 or email 


Subscription                                    R 399 per month                                                                                                              

Once Off Set up costs                    R100


No Contracts, but minimum subscription period is 3 months:

Up Front payment Discounts:  

3 Month      less 5%  Discount               R1137.15               Works Out to R 379.05 pm Subject to upfront Payment

6 Month       Less 10% Discount            R 2154.60              Works out to R 359.10 pm Subject to Upfront Payments.

12 Month     Less 15% Discount            R 4069.80              Works out to R 339.15 pm- Subject to upfront payment.


  The full product is obtainable via WhatsApp    079 059 6255