Terms & Conditions

Hemicom cc operates a Marketing Services using cellular messaging platform ( SMS ), Mobile Platforms, Digital Platforms, Websites, URL’s etc. to fulfil marketing functions on behalf of clients.

Our Brands and products include, TextMedia, FinditFast, Thulsee, SMARTDIR, NORTHDIR.

Occassionally there are competitions we run for marketing purposes, :

The condition of those competitions are that you accept that your name & details will be published as verification purposes. 

Should you respond to any of our shortcodes, or opt in to receive any of our products by WhatsApp or any other Instant messaging system, you consent to receiving marketing material in the form of SMS or links etc.

 While Hemicom creates the Shortcodes, we have no control over where & how clients market those codes. If you are receiving marketing messages to your cellphone, it means you have opted-in at some point to receive such messages. Should you wish to stop receiving these messages, simply reply to the message with the words STOP.

Hemicom cc, its brands, owners, employees and suppliers accept no responsibility for any damages, losses, costs, or infringements whatsoever.